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"What do you mean?" Everyone heart jump, and feel little upset with. Dust, animal husbandry, silver palm clenched TV drama, immediately a bite, only try. Immediately complexion is a little difficult, this looks a shadow of the light curtain down, but also how they get the supreme Tibetan spiritual? Many people looked at each other with. A huge crowd rushed to stop those black stone, the two collision with the flood, a sudden burst of intense war raging fury of spiritual power off, the earth is torn apart. It is a little bit of being involved in the past, like being piranha captured prey.

In that light curtains around the spiritual power, and countless homes north Cang Ling volley students are standing, a dense mass of sea, spread to the eye could see, in that some of the most forward position, Shen common people, Li Xuan Tong, Su Xuan, cranes and other demons hospital and other top students are tightly stared huge screens. wholesale Snapback Hats free shipping Su Xuan beautiful eyes of a condensate, Di suddenly, immediately took the lead grazing, the hand of a Young, in the hands of "heavy water Ling Zhu" is the outbreak of the debut Road light, a Unit heavy as a mountain-like waves of water swept out of the blue, like Pilian general, against white Xuan swept away. "Sea of?blood Devouring gun" Carnage filled the air, like a surging sea of?blood, dust, animal husbandry, two against overwhelming swept away. "Ah, call me aunt it quiet" Gentle woman gently smiling.

"Ethereal broken palm" With the Enron palm shoot, I saw that one was in front of her as if all twisted up air, a condensed by a forceful spiritual power from the light palm is heavy direct shot at the Ben that swept from the King Guanglongas above. Under the leadership of Mu Ling, dust, animal husbandry, to the west in the direction they swept stopped ten minutes behind the slow down, and soon the former slender Yu Zhi pointing downward, smiled and said:"This is your place of residence" Dust, animal husbandry sight they look at the past, I saw that was in between lush greenery, dotted with clear lakes, and in that area, and has a simple house situated in groups. cheap Snapback Hats free shipping Xu shortage feeling kind of atmosphere, but also a smile, the body's blood seems to be a little boiling, as the North Cang spirit of a hospital, which does not seem to flinch. Snapback Hats free shipping paypal Among the light curtain, that seven figure standing quiet, but exudes a suffocating pressure, all north Cang Ling School students look dignified, which is north Cang continent leading figures in the younger generation do? Really very powerful. Snapback Hats free shipping Of course, this idea will own casual about it, he knows his way just beginning, he promised your mother father would bring back, and now he step away from that, there is a very far distance, but regardless of how difficult, he would go hard after all, it is not what overconfident, just to the original when they leave, a commitment to the promise of his father, because he knew that he worked so hard for so many years with his father also Mother wanted, and his figure, is somewhat lonely, especially after he left, but he did not know himself that power, his only sustenance is he that exhausting all of his hard work and always be proud of son.

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